Coentjeee's website

About me:

I am a 16 year old Dutch guy (That maybe already was obvious with my domain extention). I like to game, mess around with computers and messing around with software.
I also like homelab stuff a lot. I also like to work and go do random things with friends


I choose a song and I tell things about it I guess. You can find them with the button under here. (originally daily)

Weekly Dutch Song

I choose a Dutch song every week, and just as the daily ones I will give some information about it and my opinion. But than in Dutch.

My Setup:

My setup has a lot of fun stuff you can find everything if you click the button below:

I also have made a Discord bot, you can find the code here:

My bot it's Github repository

You can add me on discord if you have feedback or any suggestions or something else: coentjeee
Or you can mail me: [email protected]

**I am planning on adding/updating pages once I get time to do that and also I might do a redesign